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NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

7,68 € 6,24 €
NyxQuest is a story of friendship and mysticism told through addictive Jump´n Fly Gameplay.

On her Quest to find her friend Icarus, the winged girl Nyx leaves her Palace in the Sky to travel through the ruins of Ancient Greece. The world around her has become an apocalyptic wasteland, but the Olympian Gods stand by her side to aid her on her path.

Throw Lightning like the father of the gods himself, order the Winds to serve you and control the Fire of Helios. Fight against Hydras, surf burning dunes, and use your powers to solve mind-bending environmental puzzles. Catch the fire bolts of your enemies and throw them back, even move mountains if you must to help Nyx on her quest to find Icarus.

  • 12 fascinating levels filled with riddles
  • a new perspective into the classic Greek Myth
  • Innovative Gameplay: Manipulate your world using the powers of the gods
  • Find 20 hidden relics to open the way to Arcadia – a hidden bonus-level that will test all your mettle like nothing before
  • Awe-inspiring visuals featuring effects like Bloom, Depth of Field and Heat Distortion
  • Atmospheric Soundtrack by Film-composer Steven Gutheinz
  • Physics-based puzzles

  • Minimum Intel AMD and MAC 2.0 GHz
  • Minimum RAM 512 MB
  • Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac Snow Leopard
  • Graphic Card Per Pixel Shader 2.0 with 512 MB RAM and better Geforce FX 6,7,8 ATI/AMD Radeon X
  • Sound card: Required
  • HDD: 500 MB
  • Drive: DVD
  • Misc: Internet
Plataforma: PC/MAC
Sistema Operativo: Vista/Win XP/7 32/64 bits/7 32 bits/8 32/64 bits/8 32 bits/Mac OS X
Memória Ram: 512
Placa Gráfica: Graphic Card Per Pixel Shader 2.0 with 512 MB RAM and better Geforce FX 6,7,8 ATI/AMD Radeon X
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